Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Dragon

Member: Justice Bradley

Club: dragon rocketry

Web Page: www.dragonrocketry,com

Altitude: 16,000 ft

Motors: L2200G-P

Project Goal: Gain my level 2 certification as well as to get a successful flight of this three year project - and to have fun.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Astro Boy!

Member: Jamie Clay
Club: AeroPac
Altitude: Good question to ask.
Motors: Aerotech single use Fs (or maybe Gs)

Project Goal: To make Astro Boy fly a good stable flight, more than once.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Katie 2

Team: Mike Yamamoto & Bill Inman
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 30k'
Motor: L330 (pending TMT approval)

Project Goal: TRA L record. This is the third attempt at the L record following on heals of last year's L600 motor flight. Last L600 flight had serious fin flutter that erased about 5,000 feet. Lesson learned: if it looks too thin, then it probably is!

Project Note: Actual rocket is the little fat guy on the left (just kidding)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mongoose 98

Member: Cliff Sojourner

Club: AeroPAC

Motor: CTI N1100-P

Altitude: 33k'

Description: 3FNC all-carbon minimum diameter 98mm

  • CD3 for apogee
  • BP for main
  • one GWiz MC.

Note: This year using a Von Karmen nosecone instead of last year's conical, all-up weight matched to the gram.

Hopefully we will not repeat last year's yuck-truck-stuck-in-the-muck misadventure!

hopefully we will not repeat last year's yuck-truck-stuck-in-the-muck misadventure.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Patriot (1/2 scale)

Member: James Dougherty
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 15k'
Motor: Aerotech N3300

Video: N3180, Hellfire 14 2009 14K' AGL, won the 14K challenge

Project Goal:Test some new recovery system changes, fly the new Aerotech N3300 Redline


Member: James Dougherty
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 50k'
Motor: Aerotech N1000

Video: N1000 - Mudroc 2009 to 42.6k'!

Project Goal: This is a reflight of my 42K'+ AGL flight earlier this year at Mudroc. New electronics, booster, and aerodynamic refinements will be tested out.

The 4 Berthas

Member: Peter Clay
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: Varies but certain to be achieved
Project: Had a bunch of Estes Bertha kits laying around and after building them thought, hey, I have a lot of 6" airframe sitting here so why not build a really really big it goes..

Plan to launch them on their maiden flights in succession smallest to biggest.

Project goal: HAVE FUN!

Special Thanks to Evan Curtis, Jim and Becky Green for all the help obtaining and making the parts!